Monday 22 January 2018
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Is a Hog Roast the Ultimate Party Food?

Hog roasts are very popular in many countries.  In many places, you will often see hog roasts at corporate events and weddings. Sometimes the meat is served as part of a help yourself buffet or hot carvery, but the meat can just as easily be carved and served to guests at the table.

Hog Roast3

Serve your spit-roasted meats in a variety of ways

Roasted meats can be dressed up or down and different food themes introduced just by changing the marinade used on the meats. It is possible to cook most meats on a spit and modern hog roast machines make this easy to do.

Some spit roasters can be converted into a more traditional roasting oven allowing the chef to adapt his or her cooking technique to better suit the style of meal that is being prepared. Other machines also incorporate barbecue grills.

modern hog roast machines

The sides served can also be used to create different dining experiences. In the UK, spit roasted hog is traditionally served in baps with applesauce and, sometimes, stuffing. However, it also tastes great eaten with other popular Indonesian, Chinese or Indian sauces.

Some caterers also serve the meat piled on a plate alongside salads or grilled vegetables as well as a range of sauces. It is also possible to serve the meat with jacket, mash or roasted potatoes along with steamed vegetables to create a great Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

modern  hog roast machines

The versatility of spit-roasted meats is one of the reasons they are such a popular option when feeding a lot of people. It is possible to tailor a hog roast feast to match the tastes and expectations of practically any type of partygoer. Now that it is possible to hire small spit roasting machines more people are also using them for family parties, so slowly but surely, hog roasts are becoming one of the top party food options.