Monday 22 January 2018
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Keep Fruits Fresh For Long Using The Vacuum Packaging Machine


Fruits and other food items can be kept for just eight to twelve days and need to be consumed within that duration. If you wish to consume the fruits when they are off-season then the best way is to vacuum seal them using the vacuum packaging machine.

What is vacuum packaging?

Vacuum packing or packaging is a process in which extra air is sucked out to reduce the space the fruits or any food item will occupy in the refrigerator. This helps store the food for a longer duration; moreover, this process keeps them fresh for long.


Food items including fruits, vegetables, poultry-chicken, beef, fish can all be preserved in bulk by freezing, however if they are vacuum sealed then they last even longer and do not suffer freezer burns when in storage.

The vacuum packaging machine can be used domestically as well as commercially to store various kinds of foods.

Major Benefit

The major benefit of vacuum packaging food items is to extend its shelf life because oxygen in the air can cause spoilage allowing molds, bacteria and other pathogens grow on it. By vacuum packaging, an oxygen-free environment is created which delays the rate at which the food can decay.

Other benefits:

  1. Increases shelf life – Frozen meat can be kept moist for long in a vacuum sealed bag and freezer burn can be easily prevented. Once the meat is vacuum packaged, it is free of air and hence, evaporation cannot take place.
  2. Seals flavors – Meat can be easily marinated inside the bag as the marinade can easily seep into the meat fibers even after sealing. The meat is fresh and ready to cook.
  3. No preservatives required – Vacuum packaged food can retain vitamins, flavor, color, texture, as well as its freshness in comparison to other methods of preservation.
  4. Reduces product loss – Vacuum packaging saves money as leftovers need not be thrown away. Food purchased in bulk can be easily stored.
  5. Quick and efficient packaging – Foods like fish, meat, cheese, bread, fruits, vegetables, cookies, nuts, cereals, coffee, soups, and condiments can be easily vacuum packaged.
  6. Lesser space – Vacuum packaged foods occupy less freezer space.
  7. Improves product presentation – Food items can be easily identified as the bags are transparent.
  8. Creates a barrier from external elements – Vacuum sealed food must be dry packaged else they will spoil due to high humidity.
  9. Cook them packed – Vacuum sealed food need not be removed from the bag and can be easily reheated by boiling (Sous vide cooking) or microwaving.

Packaging fruits

The way to package large fruits is to peel or skin them and cut them into small portions, while small fruits can be packaged as they are. However, fruits must be washed well under running water before packaging.

Flash freezing is a technique used to freeze and vacuum seal fruits so that they can last for up to two years. They must be spaced well and covered with crushed ice before putting them in the freezer. Use these techniques to keep fruits and other food items fresh for long periods of time.


Apart from saving money, there are other intangible benefits of vacuum packing such as: having nutritious yet delicious food real fast, uncontaminated vacuum packed food keeps you healthy, ready to cook food saves you a lot of time, etc,. Thus, investing a moderate sum on a vacuum packaging machine can save you a lot of money in the long run, apart from keeping you healthy and fit.