Monday 22 January 2018
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Three Quick Foods to Enjoy While Staying Fit

Eating right while working hard to stay fit just seem to go together like peanut butter and jam. Well, that may not be the healthiest example, but everyone knows that eating healthy is a big part of a healthy lifestyle. But because most people are struggling to even find time to eat while fitting in a healthy routine with work and home, it helps if the food is nutritious and quick and easy to eat.


With that in mind we have three kinds of fast snacks you can grab any time you are thinking of fitting in one more run before heading out. These three will fill all our food needs with the kind of eating that helps to power muscles and keep us all moving forward.

Berry Tasty

If you really think about it, berries are these healthy and nutritious little packages of goodness. After all, the whole purpose of the berry is to give the seed of the plant some nutrition while it is growing. The fact that strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and other types of berries are all very tasty is just a bonus.

Many joggers love to throw some berries into their smoothie to add the punch of the berries to that smooth dairy drink. Each type of berry brings something special, from blueberries with their anti-oxidant powers to strawberries and all that extra vitamin C for healing. No matter what kind of berry you grab, and just grabbing them for a quick snack is more than fine, these are little bundles of healthy energy we can all use more.

Jerky for Long Term Energy

You may not think of beef jerky as a health food, but made right it can be. Forget that nasty salty stuff you see at the local gas station. Homemade jerky or the kind sold in health food stores is low in sodium, high in quick accessed protein and the perfect snack for anyone active. We need protein when we are active, especially if you plan to work with weights as part of your regular routine.

This is why professional weight lifters created protein powders, and why beef jerky is a great source of quick and tasty protein. One variation is to make home dried beef jerky that resembles pemmican. The top-grade beef is soaked in berries and dried slowly to make a sweet and healthy treat. No matter what kind of jerky you made, from turkey or bison to maple infused beef jerky, there is a tasty quick protein treat waiting for the active and health conscious person.

Nuts to You

Another quick snack that is naturally packed with healthy extras are the nuts and seeds we all love to munch on each day. Keeping a jar of various nuts and making sure you eat them each day is a great way to make sure important trace elements we need for healthy muscles get consumed every day. Some nuts such as walnuts and pecans have become the superstars of the nut world, but all nuts contain lots of great eating for fast energy.

In addition, to forget to make sure you get your seeds in every day. These little guys have more than their share of nutrition, in fact recent studies have shown that flax seeds contain significant amounts of Omega-3 oil. Grind these seeds up with crumbled nuts and keep in an airtight jar in your fridge. This is what we call sprinkle in our household and we sprinkle it on everything from morning cereal to salads and pastas to make sure we get our daily of all the important nuts and seeds. But you can also just grab and go with a handful of nuts to make that snack one that is quick and good for you.